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Kenes Tours invites you to tell the story of Israel in your own way. We encourage you to explore and choose from the modules below, then let us custom design your itinerary. We offer 3- to 5-star hotels; provide awesome government-licensed tour guides; handle all transportation needs; and manage all logistics with an eye to superior customer service.
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Religious pluralism >>

Israel is a well-known center of different faiths. Christianity and Islam have their roots there. But, in many ways, it is the expression and practice of the Jewish faith itself that offers the most complex issues in terms of belief, practice, law, expression and acceptance. Come learn and explore Israel’s pluralistic views, as well as extremist beliefs.

Spirituality >>

In the face of war, terror and a stressful reality, come learn about the ways in which Israelis get in touch with their inner voices and selves through meditation, yoga, Kabbalah, and other meaningful rituals and practices.

Jewish heritage and history (our “first timers” trip) >>

Come “walk the Bible” by exploring the ancient and historic sites of Israel. Climb Masada. Float in the Dead Sea. Visit the Old City of Jerusalem; home to three faiths. Take in the Roman ruins of Caesarea. Get your hands dirty at an archeological dig. Ride a camel and dine in a Bedouin tent. And there’s so much more!

Bar / Bat Mitzvah ceremonies >>

Experiencing a bar or bat mitzvah in Israel - a true rite of passage and Jewish milestone event - will be a special memory of a lifetime. Whether at the Kotel in Jerusalem, on top of Masada, in a synagogue in Tel Aviv or in any other location around the country, a bar or bat mitzvah celebration in Israel connects participants to past and future generations. Individuals and families instantly become part of Jewish heritage and ancient traditions.

High Tech >>

You’ve heard that Israel is the “startup nation.” You know it is a leader in innovation. But you may not realize how far-reaching Israel’s high tech prowess is. From medical devices to solar power to green technologies…Israel offers modern, high tech solutions that address challenges in every field and industry. Come learn from entrepreneurs and leaders and explore the ways in which communities around the world benefit from their expertise.

Wine and Culinary (ethnic) >>

A melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, Israel offers travelers a culinary exploration and fresh perspective by melding tradition and innovation. Food and wine enthusiasts can savor Israel’s rich culinary scene around the country - from fine dining in Tel Aviv’s world-famous restaurants to street vendors, markets in Jerusalem, intimate family-run restaurants, and over 300 wineries that dot the country. You will discover tastes, scents and sounds as diverse and creative as Israel's people.

These modules are examples only; we are happy to incorporate other interests  with or without those listed below to craft your unique itinerary.


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