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Kenes Tours' mission and guiding passion is to host visitors from around the world and to share all that Israel-this amazing country-has to offer through life-changing experiences.



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Here are some great reasons to work with us

Legacy Meets Innovation >>

Kenes Tours is the leading tourism provider in Israel that successfully combines a legacy of over 50 years of proven and recognized industry leadership with a new, dynamic and innovative management team that carries a recognized track record in successfully managing local and international mega-tourism events.

A Personal Touch Merged with Technology >>

Whether it’s before, during or after your trip, Kenes Tours’ experienced team of travel experts delivers outstanding personal, multilingual, 24/7 service from our offices in Tel Aviv in Israel and Atlanta in the U.S. Providing round-the-clock service, we excel at using a variety of technological solutions designed to maximize convenience and spark your imagination! Whether it’s providing websites, graphic designs, registration systems, itinerary platforms, mobile apps and more, we do it all from A to Z so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Unique Content to Craft Unbelievable Experiences >>

Our team of content development experts approach each project with tremendous focus. Each is dedicated to understanding precisely what clients want from their upcoming trip to custom-craft unforgettable experiences. We will delight you with an itinerary that is engaging, exclusive, authentic and highly meaningful. We can satisfy a wide range of interests, while providing deep insight into this complex land and its passionate people.

We’ve Got You Covered! >>

As the incoming tourism arm of Issta, a publicly traded company and Israel’s largest travel group, Kenes Tours benefits from superior buying power and strategic alliances. This enables us to offer competitive prices and high value to clients and partners.